Dayang/ Joanna / Pauie (lucillajoanna) wrote,
Dayang/ Joanna / Pauie

Crispy brownouts... and uh, wow...

That's what we call electricity interruptions; even the news use it.

Very Filipino, I think. ^_^

Frank wasn't very furious with us in Marilao, Bulacan-- at least our part of Marilao. There had only been the brownouts, but we were snug from the storm in our house, thank the Lord, and I was still able to submit my review requirements for SPEW, and get the fan fiction updates without the monitor of the pc blacking out on me. Timing was everything.

Sore luck that when I wanted to post, the signal was weak.

We had a nice time Sunday night; it made me wish the electricity would stay out. My sibs and I played cards on the living room floor while our Mom stretched out on the sofa with Jouie's phone and earphones. She must have liked watching us; she gave us cookies-- and normally, you have to know where the jar's hidden to get some.

Either the soup we had for dinner (lots of onions) or the cookies or the darkness did the trick: my body clock is back to normality's normal.

Monday morning, the appliances were juiced again, but froze right again after letting me post my SPEW reviews.

It's so funny that when the rain's sheeting, there are classes, and when they suspend the classes, the sun is shining... It shone Monday morning. If it weren't for the wind, we would have played badmintion, Josh, Jouie and I. Instead, we continued the Lucky Nine tournament of the night before. And since Mom discovered Josh's homework, he was banned and became our bakemono (monster) instead. A la Takeshi's Castle, only, he doesn't grab either of us until one of us lose. If Jouie and I draw equal cards, we tackle the bakemono.

Quality family moments. It made me anti-technology again. I really envy those who lived in centuries past, without cars, without t.v's... we whould have stopped at the telephone (we can sorta blog there, too, see Anne of Avonlea) and should have been content with horses.

Jouie: But it will be hot without electricity. No aircon or fans.
Me: It only became hot because of global warming, and you know what caused global warming.
Jouie: Ah.


Jouie showed me her notebook for computer class. Guess who's teaching them. (Ref: my "About AARGH!" post)

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