Dayang/ Joanna / Pauie (lucillajoanna) wrote,
Dayang/ Joanna / Pauie

I'm waiting for that plate to shatter... Ooh, Tonks and the advance guard have come to fly me away!

Finally, a disgruntled post from me.

I agree with what Brit said that we all have problems... and I'm usually non-whiny... and Chiara and I have discussed that we end up feeling slightly embarrassed afterwards when we post while unhappy, but I just have to eke this out.

This is one of those times... and I happen to be online...

My dear brother is ill, so I don't have an escort to go out. My other brother is only good for laughs, so I can rely on him to accompany me as I can rely on my sleeping hours (Ugh! Just after I bragged about it, it went insane on me again. I fell asleep at five in the morning).

So I don't get to meet Chiara tomorrow and go to the Book Fair on Saturday/Sunday.

I'm being a good, rational grown-up about this and trying to stomp around in my Dad and Mom's shoes, having a daughter who's deaf.

I understand their paranoia about setting me lose alone and commuting in the city. *grits teeth* *pounds table* *growls* Really, I do.

I mean, I'm twelve, not twenty-one.
Tags: family, life

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