Dayang/ Joanna / Pauie (lucillajoanna) wrote,
Dayang/ Joanna / Pauie

I wanna hear the pealing bells of distant churches sing...

... but most of all please free me from this aching metal ring.
And open out this cage towards the sun... away! Sky high picture, fly!

*choking myself laughing...*

Have had a lovely day yesterday. Met and loved Tonks of Potter Syndicate. My new precious bruja, Sheryline, who hates her real name and who's as warm, funny and darling as her namesake. We had a grand time, talking, playing UNO, talking, burning DVD's, talking, watching Jouie and her classmates practicing Thriller for the Halloween dance competition, talking, walking around our subdivision, talking...

We were backlit, so the pixels/noise or whatever it is--showed up in Sherly's camera phone.


ETA: Jouie and her gang won Second Place!

I tried to pinch-hit for the dmhgficexchange, but by the time I replied (which is last night, two/three days after I received the prompts), all the prompts have been taken. Hee. Serves me right for dillydallying. Anyway, a part of me is relieved, too. I have so many fish to fry. I'm not even done with my beta-reading yet. And there's my entry to the Philippine Graphic, too, and there's...

No, I'll stop enumerating them right there.
Tags: friends, jouie, pics, sherly, tonks

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