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Someday, baby, you will fly...

Been busy-busy again. Another lovely weekend.

For the past five years, I've had a godchild annually. I'm flattered my cousins think so highly of me. But then, it's so much easier to have a cousin as your child's godparent. No escape come Christmas. Heehee!

Ate Junie Carl and I have always been close. I was so happy when she picked me as godmom to Carmela. Come to think of it, godmother is way better than being picked as a bridesmaid. I forgive Ate Junie Carl. Oiyoy. Me and Camille both, right, Cam?

Saturday, November 29th:
Carmela Antoinette. A shame she's camera shy, she has such a cute smile! (And anyway, who wouldn't be slightly cranky after being passed from arm to arm at least a dozen times? And that was just at church. ^_^ Carmela was such a pro, she didn't fuss! Just looked around and thought of Neverland...)

Carmie and her Mommy, Ate Junie
Jouie, moi, our cousins Camille, Kuya Carlston (holding Carmela) and Jonie. Behind is little King, my nephew*, Kuya Tonton's son.

Anna, Camille and Patricia (Anna's friend) with me on the UNO table... we were plotting the coming Christmas extortion. Haha!

*Here in the Philippines, we call a first cousin's child a niece/nephew. A second cousin is the child of a parent's cousin.


It's been so long since I've held a baby. My other niece/goddaughter Yesha, who's only a year older than Carmie, has been in Bicol all this time. When I was with her, she was still too small to move much.

Every time seven-month old Carmie wriggled, I panicked a bit, thinking she's crying. LOL. They're such bundles of joy and... life! Aah, abies. I can't wait to have Carmie in my arms again.


An incident: Mom stopped me from singing on the videoke.

I didn't know I could do the trembling-lip thing until then. Wow.

I don't really know how I sound when I sing now. And there were strangers there, Ate Junie's and Kuya Anthony's workmates and friends... Sheesh. Okay! Singing only strictly en famille.

Mom made it up to me. She bought me paints and sponges... and then cotton wool when the sponges didn't work. Haha. But that's next post.
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