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Bloopers I discovered...

... in my submitted and published (how mortifying) fan fics:

- flying attendant
- electric hand beater


~ * ~

Lola's funeral was a banig of odd and wonderful habi-- I'll refer myself to my email to Chiara, 10 June 2009. As for you friendses who do read my posts, I can sum it up like this:

~I loved having the wind numb my cheeks.

~I was disgusted with inconsiderate fellow bus passengers

~I loved how sweet my drunk uncle was to us nieces and nephews

~I disliked forwardness and misguided thoughtfulness-- there was this woman there, a distant cousin, who made my nine-year-old sister feel inadequate and uncomfortable. She came up to us and chatted and flaunted sign language. Why is it it's the people I dislike whom I can lipread so easily? Or do I dislike them after lipreading them? Anyway, she might have meant well, but Jouie is so good with spelling things to me using the alphabet signs, which is why the woman sorta challenged her. The woman is a teacher. She said she's forgotten the alphabet. She asked Jouie, 'what is your name?' And Jouie signed 'Joanlouise'. The woman said, 'No, no' and signed the phrase. This embarrassed Jouie so much, I feared she might not sign a single letter to me the rest of our stay there.

~Got reacquainted with a girl called aptly called Gaddy (Her real name's Heidi but they call her 'Gaddy' so that she and her sister are a perfect rhyme. Gaddy and Kathy. :D). I love Gaddy.

~Loved the sea. Well, the view of the sea. And mountains. And treeful cliffs. The Mayon was hiding behind her veil of clouds, though.

~ * ~

The reason why I haven't finished my email to you yet, Chiara:

And it's your fault. Just finished it an hour ago. I am heartbroken.

Don't let the title or the cover misquide you, lj friends who haven't read this yet. This isn't a love story. Love is there, but it's purpose here is not to entertain. Oh no. And if you get the book, don't read the synopsis at the back, nor the praises for the book in the flaps. Just read. And let it unfold by itself, let it jolt you. I've been spoiled somewhat by Chiara, in that she already told me the spine of the story, what it's about, but I've still been jolted. Who knows how much more I'd have been shaken if I'd begun reading thinking it's the usual teenybopper dramedy-romance. Alright, the font of the title might have clued me in, too, about the futuristic elements and setting, but this is like and unlike the Giver by Lois Lowry and the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld. I can't pinpoint where the difference is except that I wasn't on the verge of tears after I finished Giver and Uglies...

That's it, Never Let Me Go is just too like and too unlike the many genres it bumps hips with. I love the absence of the panorama you usually get from fantasy and futuristic books. I love the absence of the typical angst and anxieties you usually get from the YA's, the conflicts you usually get from the Romances. But the panorama and the angst and the anxieties and the conflicts are all there. Not beneath the surface, like a building's foundation, but rather like the very flu virus hovering around these days. :D

I'm hankering to read more Ishiguro now.

~ * ~

For comfort in between sober bites of this fillet mignon that is NLMG and Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics, I had Very Rocky Road in the guise of Susan Elizabeth Phillips' Natural Born Charmer. You know how most romance books begin in the workplace or cafe with dialogue with a workmate or a friend to establish and introduce things? I hate that. This one begins in the road and had me laughing only seconds into every reading session.

~ * ~

I quit SPEW.
I quit The Restricted Section.
It doesn't feel right. But I feel relieved somewhat. Now I can focus on other things without being guilty of my lack of attention on these two.

~ * ~

What focus? Did you notice how I've been reading? Don't ask how I've been writing.

/headdesk /headdesk /headdesk /headdesk /headdesk /headdesk /headdesk /headdesk /headdesk /headdesk /headdesk /headdesk /headdesk /headdesk /headdesk /headdesk /headdesk /headdesk...

~ * ~

A belated but heartfelt happy birthday wish to Leanne. *air huggle*

Aaaaand happy birthday, our sweet, prettiful and lovable Sandrea!

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