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Quotes and Peggy

... short for Pegasus.

Pegasus is an immortal steed.

And an immortal steed is an everlasting nag. -Reader's Digest LITBM

I was a nag last night. Why wouldn't I be? It was 12 midnight, and I was reading myself to sleep but my brother and sister, who are supposed to wake up at 6 in the morning for class (!), were in and out of the room, first asking for staples, then asking me to cut a circle, a heart... asking me to write her name in the cover page, asking me to help cover his top hat with art paper...

"Why didn't your teacher teach you how to do this?"
"Why didn't you ask Mom to buy you a folder and slide?"
"Why do you lot always wait until the last friggin minute to do your stuff?"
"What if I don't help you finish this? Just to teach you a lesson?"
"I'll hide your Gameboy, see if I don't."
"Cut me more tape!"
"Don't you laugh, you have no right to laugh."
"You're irritating."
"Leche." (I dunno either how this perfectly wholesome Spanish word became a malediction in Filipino)

Jouie went to bed at 12:30 am. Josh went to bed at 2am. After we finished his top hat, he just had to have a last goodnight session with Pikachu and Torchic. Yeah, peace again and I spoiled them again. They're my brother and sister, anyway, not yet my children. *evil smirk*

The nag was conquered by sheepish smiles.


It's rare that I don't delete quotes from my phone sms inbox. I don't dislike them but I don't love them. I prefer simple, funny things that came from my friends' cranium in answer to mine. But this is quite precious:

"A friend is someone you can call at four in the morning to say you've killed someone. But a true friend is the one who will knock at your door five minutes later with a spade." (translated from Filipino)

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