Dayang/ Joanna / Pauie (lucillajoanna) wrote,
Dayang/ Joanna / Pauie

Cursing at the monitor

because of Pottermore.

I'm sorry if I happen to post Pottermore and Pottermore these days. It will pass. In between writing, every 95 minutes or so, I go back online and check my potions. Addicting! So far, I've melted 3 copper cauldrons and 1 pewter. That's around 90 galleons wasted. Dammit.

And now, because I'm nice and generous!

POTTERMORE POTIONS TIPS: --> REMOVED! Sorry. Was here half an hour ago, but thought it through and should probably only share it to housemates. :D If you already read it, fine!
Wish us luck! May no more cauldrons explode! @#$%$#@%$#@%$#

~ RoseWizard13, Ravenclaw <-- Add me! And/or please leave a comment here too when you do/so I can add you and so I'll know who's who.


Reviewers are getting antsy. Must update CATATI. Too busy with remix though. Grr. Have to do the laundry, too.


Stubborn headache is making me rhyme. 
Tags: pottermore

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