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"Why be given a body if you have to keep it shut up in a case like a rare, rare fiddle?"

~no spoilers

the spine:

Kudos to Little, Brown’s printers. Apt that Hachette’s division for young readers publishes books in crease-resistant binding.

I never open my paperbacks wider than five inches—and my family and friends have learned to emulate me when handling my books— because I hate damage to the spine. It’s what’s displayed in the shelves. Before my 45-degrees-maximum obsession, I’ve taken to repairing these biblio-varicose veins with colored pens. The Twilight books amazing aren’t susceptible, even if they’re open 180 degrees. I wish all presses would adapt this trick.

I love Breaking Dawn.

It’s so... full. Bella and Edward. Bella and Jacob. Jacob and the werewolves. Jacob and Edward. Jacob and Bella. Jacob and Rosalie (I love their dynamic. LOL). Seth. Leah. The other vampires and their gifts. And most of all, Bella, her new self, and her interaction and love for the foremost new character.

The shift of focus is refreshing. Bella is no longer just a girl in love and fighting to remain alive for her love. She’s no longer a lamb. She’s fierce here. And I'm quite impressed with how and where Stephenie Meyer swerved the direction of the anxiety, affection and avowals I’ve come to relish from her series.

That seemed to be the working thread of Breaking Dawn. Breaking away. From breakability (need I elaborate?), from fear (the climax of the book centers on the vampires uniting to face that one coven that intimidates them), from prejudices (Did I mention Bella and Rosalie above? I didn’t? I mention it now. And of course, Edward and Jacob, too), from treaties (if I elaborate, this can no longer be labeled ‘review’, but ‘spoiler’)… and from fandom established beliefs. *giggles* Not just relating to certain… fluids, but also pertaining to relationships and character canon we fans have come to depend on—at least, until you reach the ending—which is very succinctly, if not very creatively, entitled ‘Happily Ever After’.

Certainly, some readers might read more into this rather old and trite romance device Stephenie Meyer decided to include in her vampire lore. But trite things often became trite because they’re just so good. And in Breaking Dawn’s and the Twilight series’ fantasy canon’s case, Meyer handled it audaciously. And I think it worked rather well. There is no issue or hidden messages at all as I read, only natural reactions and instincts, both from Bella and Edward.

Oh, Edward. He is Heathcliff’s better counterpart. Enough said.

Was the book worth my gift card? Y.E.S.


I have three manuscripts to beta. I have to make a piece apiece on Metamorphosis and Vanity Fair. I’m not sure if I’ll be reunited with my Ferragamo wallet (no one’s text messaged or called). And my nose is acting like a very annoying faucet.

But I’m giddy. High. Hee. Nothing like a good story well told, eh? And a new puppy! Will post pics of her soon as we manage to snap a good one. Aurora. Rory for short.

Of course my insane brother is calling her Blacky and Dad is all for ‘Dimples’. And Jouie is still hung-up on Cristina even though we’ve told her that’s Mama Na’s name. Poor pup. She must be so confused.


Belated but just as dearly wished 'happy birthday', sweet Kelly!

Non-spoiling squee-ing

6:30 am, August 4th: Thanks to our shopping yesterday, I was knocked out at 12 last night. Later, when I’m no longer reading, I’ll post a pic of me and my new car. LOL. Yeah! My car! *giggles* Wait til you see it. It’s pink. And even has Belle and Ariel on it! Woot!

7:30 am, same date: It’s raining! I’m running to the bathroom with my big kettleful of hot water for my bath. Dad’s tinkering up at the roofs. Guh.

9 am: I’ve herded Dad to shower and dress. I’m waiting and tapping my feet while he pulls on shoes. “Yuck, not crocs, Dad, please.”

9:15 am: Rain has become a pleasant, magic mist. I’m speed-walking to the terminal. Dad’s puffing on an L&M several paces behind me.

10:30 am: Still misting as Sherly and I hug inside Mini-Stop at Monumento and then we squeeze each other again while crossing the overpass to the vans. We are literally quivering with excitement. A bit later, the others in the van with us can feel it. Dad is leaning away from us.

11 am: Unlike the DH release, where Oncci and I arrived at the bookstore at 6:30 am and still didn’t lead the line (I have chronicled that release in photos. But I can't find the slide's HTML any more. You can see it at my Friendster in the link on the right), Breaking Dawn’s release is quite low-key. No line. But then perhaps we just missed them? We just proceed to the customer service counter and claim our reserved copies.

11:30 am: We are eating burgers. Sherly ignores me and just nods away when I point out… stuff. There’s that thing at the back, and the table of contents, chapter titles, etc.

And then Sherly leaves for her exams (Yeah! Prelims. And yet she cradles her Powerbooks bag like it’s a baby).

12:30 pm: Gah! Of course it’s gotta be yin and yang. Dad and I stand inside Video City, groping my bag and his pockets for my missing wallet. But the wallet is missing indeedy. It’s probably still sitting there in the giant hassock at Powerbooks, blending in perfectly with the black leather. *sigh* I’ve been using that wallet for four years! Ferragamo. Tsk. Yeah. I’m dismayed for the wallet. Thankfully, there’s no cash in it. Or I won’t be sitting here typing this blithely. ID’s (old ones, but then I haven’t really gotten new ones) membership cards (Video City, Gentxt) and used-up or expired discount and cash cards (Banco de Oro, Bayo) aside from a photo of me in a witch’s hat, and Hogwartsy MaCofWiz stickers *wail*, are all that can be found there. I hope whoever sits on it surrenders it to the Powerbooks people. So then my brother, who is reading my brand new Good Omens, can pick it up for me. He shall.

There it is, right by my left hip in the photo above! Huhu.

1:46 pm: typing this for LJ. So far, I’ve been a guest at the wedding. And if you, dear lamb, have read my uber-fluffy, froufrou-loaded Twilight fan fiction, you’ll notice that I am very near several details! Depending on your disposition, you will be a little disappointed or elated in that, since it means Mrs Meyer stayed with tradition. Hee. It’s the one traditional thing in Bella and Edward’s love story then…

I’d used up what remained of my gift cards in a practical way that made Dad proud. I opted for the paperback, and then bought The Five People You Meet in Heaven (finally) and Good Omens, which is very high up in the Funniest Novels of All Time.



Without saying a word...

... you light up the dark
Try as I may, I could never explain what I hear when you don't say a thing...


Ahhh, happy.


We were supposed to go to Manila Ocean Park last Saturday, but a family luau was arranged for Sunday, so we stayed home to conserve energy for the next day. As if we were able to do more than eat and talk and watch movies, what with the rain. Well, I had to do the dishes. And then I trimmed my cousins' eyebrows with this dangerous wand:

It's called 'personal trimmer'. Among all those other impulse buys at the cashier in Duty Free. You might have already seen it, girls. That dark line is the pair of toothy little blades that scissor when you turn the thing on. When I first used it, I mowed my eyelashes a bit. It still needs some tweaks in its design before the patent should be granted. Heh.

Anyway, Camille liked it. Jobelle begged off.


Disney's Meet the Robinsons is... awesome. Most of you guys and gals in my f-list will/must love it. Science fiction, time travel, and the kind of plot chock-full of significant little details reminiscent of HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

The funny thing is when Dad copied the DVD, some jinx or other removed the sound and disabled the subtitles. So while we watched this film, we were all on the same page. What's good about Disney animations is I can lip-read the characters. That's how precisely each picture is crafted.


Dad and I will have a date on Monday! Because it's Monday and Josh will be at school, Dad will be my escort cum bodyguard when Sherly and I get our copies of Breaking Dawn.

Oh, and of course August is the month-long sale of the two big bookstore chains here.

I can already see the look on Dad's face. *giggles*


Before I was able to compose this post, I had to wade through and delete 360-something LJ notifications in my hotmail and then delete all the messages in my inbox here. Phew. Never again will I track an entry in the Twilight fandom. (Stupid me. I just wanted to be updated if someone replies to my post. But no, my rational and indulgent side was ignored. They prefer whinging.)

And what's with these overly judgmental people? Even drafting disparaging letters to Mrs Meyer?

If the 'spoilers' are indeed spoilers, I like it.

And oh, they keep bashing DH's epilogue, too. What am I supposed to do with my six unfinished novels? Finish them and then hope my endings aren't deemed 'too cute'/'f*ckingly convenient'/'stupid'?


Thanks to this_weirdness of start_writing for plugging this wonderful LJ: jimbutcher . I learned a lot. I unconsciously knew some of the stuff already through assimilation from stories, novels and fan fiction I read, but it helps when someone breaks them down (and into droll metaphors) and tells them again. As tried-and-tested guides.


I reread my manuscripts last night. And there was this voice grating, 'leave your online distractions, fan fiction and forums, for goodness' sake, you stupid girl.'

I told that voice to shut up. Abstractedly.


Happy 28th birthday, Harry!~


And you must already know I love Illumination at the spewswap, Kelly! *hugs*

Uh oh! We're in trouble! Something's come along and it burst our bubble, yeah yeah! Uh oh!

This has been playing in an endless loop in my head since last night. At least, it's upbeat. The only catch is I'm nodding my head the way I hate it when others do it.


I've read the Breaking Dawn spoilers-- not the thing per se, just the description. This is one of those times I question my taste in books. Why do I never find myself distasteful? Am I really just plebeian? With my love of fluff and all?

*giggles* *nods away to 'Uh oh!'*

I've been joining a lot of writing communities. Let me promote them here: creativewriter, loveletters_v1and fictionwriters.

The first two requires approval of applications, although you can lurk at both. But I officially de-lurked (not that I gave myself time to lurk at all) at loveletters_v1, and now I have another community other than SPEW to write for every month. This is both good and bad. Hehe.


I meant to post about Sunday, but that spoiler made me all giddy and... guh. *giggles some more* I'm waiting for Seth (Mrs Meyer's brother) to announce it's bogus, though. I wouldn't be surprised if it is. But I think I might be vaguely disappointed. *again with the self-questioning... Why were the others quite bitchy about it and I'm not?*


ETA: alright, now that the giddiness is past: how old is Edward again? Yeah. Eh... I thought... Oh, well.