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The sun didn't rise and shine today because

My maternal grandma died.

Lola Payat.

Don't know yet how and why. We always ask that, don't we?

She has been in the ICU these few days for weakness is what I know. This 'weakness' could be many things, I see now. Googled it. Just finished emailing Tita Day in Cyprus.

Mom kicked and cried when she read the text message. She's on the phone with her siblings now. The tears haven't come to me yet. The photos I took of me and Lola are in the old pc, packed away in the back.

+ Catalina Lopez y Pornel Garcia~

Grant unto her rest everlasting.

Women endure...

...the insults of men
having been bitten
in the nipple
by their toothless gums.
-Daisy Laing

My favorite quote for Mother's Day this year. Hee.

I had a summer without water play (not counting sweat). Collapse )

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In my two-month deadjournal sojourn, I have:

~written 2 fictions, 1 non-fiction and 1 fiction-ish non-fiction and read 20 books. Meg Cabot and Jodi Picoult.

~broken in and broken my new phone (I plonked it in the sink while I finished business in the throne. I always did that. But this time, there was water in the sink).

~dabbled and have done with someone's flirting (not sure yet what he's up to. Either he's callously moving on from me to another or perhaps have been jealous and is trying to make me jealous in turn. All he's succeeding to do is piss off my friends, hehe)

~hugged my dad goodbye and welcome and goodbye again (he got his job back, but he was late for his first flight, so he came back home and then left again a week later. It was funny, that evening we found him right there with Mom taking off his shoes when we kids thought he'd be on the way to Bahrain already)

This post dedicated to my darling twin, jenny_b, also to Chiara, who is partly to blame for my deadjournal, since she has been and is my very own magic diary (she replies!), hehe.

Yes, there is a blog day in my sched, Mark. If this goes on, I think I'll make it Tuesday now, though, instead of Monday. ^_^

"The camera becomes our most sought-after friend...

... and that snapshot, our trophy. It is our proof of accomplishment, of boxing that which cannot be boxed."
- Johanna Carla B. Pilar, Quizas

More than landscapes, it's people and memories we like to 'box'. Never mind the quality of the image, hehe. We just need that souvenir to trigger the recalling synapses in our brains. That souvenir, period.


~ July, Tonks, Sherly, Rolydee, Jego and me, after cooking and eating French toast, chips and donuts. *bloat*


~ Rovie (who's insane when there's a camera) and Jouie, my goddaughter and my sister
~ my nephew, Josaphat Ira Emmanuel - Jop for short. This guy's going to break hearts someday. For now, he's content beating us at UNO.

Someday, baby, you will fly...

Been busy-busy again. Another lovely weekend.

For the past five years, I've had a godchild annually. I'm flattered my cousins think so highly of me. But then, it's so much easier to have a cousin as your child's godparent. No escape come Christmas. Heehee!

Ate Junie Carl and I have always been close. I was so happy when she picked me as godmom to Carmela. Come to think of it, godmother is way better than being picked as a bridesmaid. I forgive Ate Junie Carl. Oiyoy. Me and Camille both, right, Cam?

Saturday, November 29th:
Carmela Antoinette. A shame she's camera shy, she has such a cute smile! (And anyway, who wouldn't be slightly cranky after being passed from arm to arm at least a dozen times? And that was just at church. ^_^ Carmela was such a pro, she didn't fuss! Just looked around and thought of Neverland...)

Carmie and her Mommy, Ate Junie
Jouie, moi, our cousins Camille, Kuya Carlston (holding Carmela) and Jonie. Behind is little King, my nephew*, Kuya Tonton's son.

Anna, Camille and Patricia (Anna's friend) with me on the UNO table... we were plotting the coming Christmas extortion. Haha!

*Here in the Philippines, we call a first cousin's child a niece/nephew. A second cousin is the child of a parent's cousin.


It's been so long since I've held a baby. My other niece/goddaughter Yesha, who's only a year older than Carmie, has been in Bicol all this time. When I was with her, she was still too small to move much.

Every time seven-month old Carmie wriggled, I panicked a bit, thinking she's crying. LOL. They're such bundles of joy and... life! Aah, abies. I can't wait to have Carmie in my arms again.


An incident: Mom stopped me from singing on the videoke.

I didn't know I could do the trembling-lip thing until then. Wow.

I don't really know how I sound when I sing now. And there were strangers there, Ate Junie's and Kuya Anthony's workmates and friends... Sheesh. Okay! Singing only strictly en famille.

Mom made it up to me. She bought me paints and sponges... and then cotton wool when the sponges didn't work. Haha. But that's next post.

I'm waiting for that plate to shatter... Ooh, Tonks and the advance guard have come to fly me away!

Finally, a disgruntled post from me.

I agree with what Brit said that we all have problems... and I'm usually non-whiny... and Chiara and I have discussed that we end up feeling slightly embarrassed afterwards when we post while unhappy, but I just have to eke this out.

This is one of those times... and I happen to be online...

My dear brother is ill, so I don't have an escort to go out. My other brother is only good for laughs, so I can rely on him to accompany me as I can rely on my sleeping hours (Ugh! Just after I bragged about it, it went insane on me again. I fell asleep at five in the morning).

So I don't get to meet Chiara tomorrow and go to the Book Fair on Saturday/Sunday.

I'm being a good, rational grown-up about this and trying to stomp around in my Dad and Mom's shoes, having a daughter who's deaf.

I understand their paranoia about setting me lose alone and commuting in the city. *grits teeth* *pounds table* *growls* Really, I do.

I mean, I'm twelve, not twenty-one.

Sweet sorrow...

Hugged Dad goodbye twice.

His plane would be in the air now.

By tomorrow morning (here) he'd be in Bahrain.

Imagine his reaction if I texted him what happened to my charger while he was still boarding. Hehe.


The writing on the wall


Today I received my own rejection for the story I submitted to the HAUNTED LEGENDS anthology. I'm extremely disappointed, but not with the editors or with the form of the rejection -- for some very good reasons. First, I know Ellen wasn't too keen on open subs. (Let's not send her the message that having one this time was a mistake. I know that rejections don't exactly make a writer's day -- in fact, they flat out flatten me -- but they are not much fun for editors, either. I've had a chance to experience both sides of the rejection notice: I edited an anthology last year and had to reject a couple hundred stories. It was the hardest part of the process. After I sent out many personalized rejections, I quickly realized I didn't have the time (or emotional stamina) to state the reasoning behind (and defend) each rejection. Sometimes my reasons were a bit abstract, and explaining my choices would have taken too many words; sometimes I simply couldn't bring myself to say "this sucks!" (And as a writer, I hope I never have to hear those words.)

I felt the letter did what it needed: it gave the writer 4 general explanations for the rejection, it spared the editors unnecessary grief, and let the writer down as gently as possible.

Be sure and send your story out again. We knew from the beginning the competition for this one would be rough. The sheer number of subs instantly puts the editors at disadvantage: "wow, we have space for 3 or 4 more stories, but we received dozens of good tales." Hence, fabulous stories like yours and mine didn't get a seat on this bus. But take heart, I see another bus rounding the corner. It will take us where we want to go. ;-)

--Tom English"

~ * ~

From The Resilient Writer by Catherine Wald: Janet Fitch... says, "Rejection plays an overwhelming role in your career as a writer." She emphatically tells her writing students that they can’t consider themselves writers until they’ve received at least one hundred rejection slips. She also tells beginning writers that you can’t get crushed by just a handful of rejections because "that’s a lot of what being a writer is."

Wesley Brown says that rejection is a persistent experience for writers. He calls it "an integral part of any creative endeavor." But, he adds, just because you accept that rejection is part of the process doesn’t mean you have to agree with the rejections or take them to heart.

What’s the key to getting past rejection? For Elizabeth Benedict, it’s understanding that the publishing business is just that – a business. "What you’re trying to do is interest a businessperson in your writing, and the businessperson has to decide whether this is the right article, book or short story for his or her publication." She adds that it’s important to remember that rejection is "not necessarily a definitive comment on you or your talent."

~ * ~

Desiderata a la Joanna:

... Write. Especially, do not coddle submissions.
Neither be cynical about editors;
for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment,
pithiness is as perennial as the grass. ;)

~ * ~

I love LJ, and the people on my f-list. Such warm people. Lucky me. *hugs* Thank you for being there in my OW moment (and it WAS but a moment. I now doubt I'm equipped with enough bodily chemicals for wallowing in non-happiness/contentment/squee-worthy things). ^_^ Allenpot, you should move here NOW.

~ * ~

It was a kare-kare day today. And inihaw na tilapia (grilled milkfish). And tokwa't baboy (tofu and pork). And Bicol Express. And maja blanca (coconut cake/white pudding/Filipino version of corn bread). And minatamis na saging (candied bananas).

Also was a Stardust and Alvin and the Chipmunks (again) day with the cousins. As well as eyebrow-trimming day with that pregnancy-test-look-alike gadget with the of-age girl cousins.

Went to church with tummy distended.

Laughed with HIM when I saw one of his cousins? friends? take his hand and make the mano (Filipino token of respect, wherein we take the hand of our elders, or priests/nuns to our forehead. Sprung from 'beso las manos' of the Spanish, where they kiss the hand). Hee. He slapped the girl playfully with his white handkerchief.

~ * ~

Oh, and accidentally sat on Josh's you-know-what. Poor boy. We were both of us riding behind Dad on the motorcycle. And Dad didn't slow down enough over this huge hump on the street. We all bounced. And... Josh emitted a short howl. LOL.

Want to go for a walk?

Monday, national holiday, death anniversary of Ninoy Aquino. Oncci begged off and remained home to catch some Z's.

The rest of us, Mom, Dad, Josh, Jouie and I, we WALKED around Manila. It was like some challenge. Wore flats, carted lots of water in my bag, and tried not to mind that I was outvoted by my sister and my parents who are still wrapped around her finger the Manila Zoo is in need of a major redo.

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From the zoo, where Mom fed a very dexterous chimp, we went to Rizal Park and then to Manila Ocean Park... but haha, by the time, our cash wasn't enough for all five of us. Poor Jouie. We should have researched the Ocean Park first so we'd have been prepared for the entrance fee. /headdesk

We rode a calesa back to Rizal Park. Because both Jouie and I were whining about our feet and legs. It was a laugh fest. The coachman had a strange call. "ARUUUY!" In Filipino, this is a variation to 'aray', which is our counterpart to 'ouch'. LOL. Jouie and Josh giggled every time. In between worrying about the horse, and the carriage toppling over, I laughed right along. I'm glad I went.

Tuesday, Dad goes back to KSA. /sigh

LJ titles are ominous

If there are one or more people on your friends list who make your world a better place just because they exist, and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the Internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

It's a little scary how my post's title yesterday made it into today's family newsflash. I was only quoting Genie!

My cousin, Jonie, our very own Wency Cornejo, is getting married. He's a year younger than me.

His girlfriend is two months on the way to giving me another niece/nephew/possible godchild.

So far, no cousin on my paternal family had a non-shotgun wedding. In today's age, I'm resigned that couples would have sex, but do they also have to conceive as well? Come on. Condoms are available and even flavored. The ads are on primetime (That's why I know)!

*sigh* I'll congratulate them when I see them, but this selfish, childish bratinella in me is a little disappointed. No chance again that I'll be a bridesmaid. Because if they'll have a church wedding at all, the bridesmaids would probably only be three at most (Can't give the impression that either of the two families is happy with the couple's rashness). And that leaves no places to cousins, much less cousins-in-law, only sisters or best girl friends.

The last time I was in a bridal party was thirteen years ago, and I was the chief flower girl, scowling because of my itchy pink gown. My Ate Marivic's grand wedding. Our eldest cousin on my mother's side. And hers wasn't a shotgun wedding.


On a brighter note (not that the above is really bad, that's just me griping), I finished my Haunted Legends entry last night. I mulled on titles when I went to bed. "Fury's Fruit" got me snickering so loud Dad barged in and looked sour.

I only howled more.

Fury's Fruit.

A fancy way to spell juicy farts.


My layout is too fluffy and too... heartsy. I'll probably tire of it quickly.


What really knocks me out is a book that, when you're all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it.
- J.D Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye

Crispy brownouts... and uh, wow...

That's what we call electricity interruptions; even the news use it.

Very Filipino, I think. ^_^

Frank wasn't very furious with us in Marilao, Bulacan-- at least our part of Marilao. There had only been the brownouts, but we were snug from the storm in our house, thank the Lord, and I was still able to submit my review requirements for SPEW, and get the fan fiction updates without the monitor of the pc blacking out on me. Timing was everything.

Sore luck that when I wanted to post, the signal was weak.

We had a nice time Sunday night; it made me wish the electricity would stay out. My sibs and I played cards on the living room floor while our Mom stretched out on the sofa with Jouie's phone and earphones. She must have liked watching us; she gave us cookies-- and normally, you have to know where the jar's hidden to get some.

Either the soup we had for dinner (lots of onions) or the cookies or the darkness did the trick: my body clock is back to normality's normal.

Monday morning, the appliances were juiced again, but froze right again after letting me post my SPEW reviews.

It's so funny that when the rain's sheeting, there are classes, and when they suspend the classes, the sun is shining... It shone Monday morning. If it weren't for the wind, we would have played badmintion, Josh, Jouie and I. Instead, we continued the Lucky Nine tournament of the night before. And since Mom discovered Josh's homework, he was banned and became our bakemono (monster) instead. A la Takeshi's Castle, only, he doesn't grab either of us until one of us lose. If Jouie and I draw equal cards, we tackle the bakemono.

Quality family moments. It made me anti-technology again. I really envy those who lived in centuries past, without cars, without t.v's... we whould have stopped at the telephone (we can sorta blog there, too, see Anne of Avonlea) and should have been content with horses.

Jouie: But it will be hot without electricity. No aircon or fans.
Me: It only became hot because of global warming, and you know what caused global warming.
Jouie: Ah.


Jouie showed me her notebook for computer class. Guess who's teaching them. (Ref: my "About AARGH!" post)