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My first Twilight fan fiction

And the first sample of my writing I've posted here, too! Eh.

Blue Roses
By lucillajoanna

Warnings: None. Those of my f-list who will be remotely interested in this are of course not lounging in Mars still unaware of the contents of New Moon and Eclipse Special Edition. This fan fic is completely devoid of Breaking Dawn spoilers. I’m not even integrating the quotes. This is just me grabbing this chance to write froufrou. That is the warning then. Mostly froufrou ahead.
Pairing: Edward and Bella

“It was my Anne of Green Gables vision all over again.” – Eclipse
“With the blue sky over us, and the sunshine around us.” – Anne’s House of Dreams

The honor of your presence
is requested
at the wedding of
Isabella Marie Swan
Edward Anthony Masen Cullen

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Talk about going off on a tangled tangent: hair, teeth, and then fandom and 'shipping musings

Either I'm learning to comb and brush it right, or my hair is not as bushy as before.

Being round-faced with thick hair, I could only have one ideal hairstyle: never voluminous on the sides and never flat at the crown and temples.

From the moment I lost baby-ness, around age twelve, my hair has been layered very short, never going past my nape. The cut reminds me of the bouffant of Anne Shirley's and Edward Cullen's era. And it's rather matronly. I grew tired of it and grew my hair out. High maintenance. Trimming needed every four weeks. When it's high time for another layering, I avoid turning sideways at mirrors. My hair billows at the back like something's living in it.

Now it doesn't any longer. It's flat on the back now. Fly-away, because the shortest layer is already at the bend of my nape, but quite docile and non-Einstein-ish. The curves of the layers that should have been giving fullness to my temples but are now at my ears, I just comb back. I've been due at the neighborhood hairdresser two months ago. I've had no need to go.

Well, I haven't gone out either. Nothing major, just Sherly and family (which is one and the same thing, hehe, love you, She).

It doesn't make sense anyway that I have hair like I do. My dad's is curly, even kinky, and my mom's is straight and wispy, the kind that needs curling or blow-drying to be volumized. Unless, like mine, Mom's hair also gave up being a pain at age twenty-one.

I don't know about Dad. None of us inherited his hair and except to brag about being MVP in the basketball varsity and his exploits of exhorting money from neighbors who watched tv from my lola's balcony (in those old days when tv owners were few), he doesn't answer questions pertaining to his younger days.

Because I always end up asking when he first lost a tooth.

He's equipped with two jaws of false teeth already. He's only fifty.

I have never had so much as a toothache. Maybe my feasting on gristle has something to do with it. I like crunching those white bones especially when people will hear. My habitus disgustica.

But speaking of hair, I posted something about it on lion_lamb (♥). Bella and Hermione both have brown hair. And brown eyes. That's what started it, and it went on and on like a butterfly kiss gone bad--good.

I don't know how many of you on my f-list are members/watchers of lion_lamb aside from my dear twinses and Preethi (and of course, Cynthia, new friend, mod! ^_^). Mind boggling. 100 comments in only a little over 24 hours. I've never had so much attention on something I posted, either on forums or at the MNFF archive.

But I'm being vain. It's Bella and Hermione and Hermione's ships that's to thank for the many replies. *giggles* *can't stop*

I've pretty much stuck to Mugglenet and its strictly moderated Fan Fiction Beta Boards since my very first HP fangirl day, so it's only now that the ship wars struck me.

That people are so passionate about their ship that they are close-minded and derogatory of the rival ship has been a 'whoa!' moment last night.

I've never felt that way myself. Probably because I've read not just the books and the canon-devotee fics, but also good ones that sailed non-canon pairings.

Non-canon pairings I fancied, that is. But what's the bet that I'll be converted if I read-- e.g., SS/HG fics, too?

Yes, the reason I'm not a SS/HG shipper is because I haven't read SS/HG stories. That's the only way you can remain close-minded to a ship, methinks.

See, that people are so passionate about their ship that they can use the subtlest and most infinitesimal stuff in canon as masts is proven and amazing. Annoyingly commendable. Gods. Creativity at its most devious. And when they convincingly create their own canon, it's double the 'flabbergastment' *says me, being weaned into an older generation/younger generation pairing*

Canon aside, book characters are people.

And as in the real world's people, attraction between any man and woman, whatever age, belief or background, is rarely impossible. Just toss them repeatedly together. Like two flints, sparks will fly.

The 'that can't happen' is only on your mind, Watson.


Happy birthday, Delaney!

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Belated online greeting, brother bear! (Like you read this) :P