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Jambalaya, crawfish pie, fillet gumbo!

'Cos tonight I'm gonna see my chere ami, oh!

The generation gap between me and my younger brother and sister is so apparent. I've always mulled about this, stating it for the record now.

I remember those days when no siesta means no going out. Oncci and I would grumble but nap, so that we can run out the gate later when the sun was golden but cool, and play Biomen, Power Rangers, Turbomen, Block 123, PS. PS. I love you, Langit/Lupa (Heaven/Earth), etc.

Those days, residential streets are almost always free of traffic, because you'll only get a headache waiting for kids to clear the street. We were a stubborn swarm. From four to six in the evening, the street is ours.

No children play chase now. Looking out my window, the only things I see are cars, tricycles and bikes. No kids shrieking and running. They do grunt and wail, though. Inside homes, in front of their tv's, on their Gameboys, Playstations, pc's, or Gamecubes, or X-boxes. Their loss, I think.

And with the towering cost of electricity, it's good that there are mobile phones and i-pods to listen from. In my day (I sound like a war veteran), the component is always on, tuned to the oldies on Sundays, blaring contemporary on weekdays... I can still sing station jingles from memory. And even though deaf, I know as much songs as anybody.

My first meme, thanks to Ju-lee-yaah! If I'm the Joanna in her tags indeed. ^_^

Seven things few people know about me:

1. I've only ever had my teeth cleaned by the dentist once. Let's see... two/three years ago. When the dentist was done, it felt like the lower half of my teeth had been ground away. Eek. That's how used I've been to my calculus and tartar. I brush meticulously now anyway, so I won't have the need to visit the dentist. I'm not shuddering.

2. I eat gristle. I love gristle! I just don't like crunching them in public. At home, when en famille, I clean ribs and chicken bones. Maybe this is why I have strong teeth, not a one decayed.

3. I guzzle gravy. Especially KFC gravy.

4. I used to sing at school, a member of the choir (alto). But I'm not confident to sing in public now. I do hear my own voice, but... there you go.

5. I read smut (good, plotted ones). But nearly all my friends are only just past eighteen, and traditional middle-class Filipinas are still not supposed to know about such things until they're married, so I can't, nor am I inclined, to share what I read.

6. I long for a mother like Mrs Weasley. I want to be coddled. I love my mom, but she is too sergeant-y. When and if I become a mother, I'll be like Mrs Weasley.

7. I used to be a Pansy Parkinson, as she is portrayed in shallow and narrow-minded fanfics (catty, cruel, snobby, spoiled, arrogant).

I tag Chiara, Pippa, Chels, Molly, Jen, Jenna, Zarah.

I found the diary underneath the tree
and started reading about me.
The words she'd written took me by surprise,
you'd never read them in her eyes!
They said that she had found
the love she waited for.
Wouldn't you know it?
She wouldn't show it...

MOOD: hmm hmm... sweet!

Friday morning when all my work is done...

...I pack my bags, I'm on the run!
I got a feeling that I'm going to have some fun
in the sun!
With my friends!
And it's got me going,

"Oops, now! Sorry I can't go!"

I made an exercise routine to this song for PE in my freshman year. It's playing in my head right now. Despite the gist of the lyrics, it's upbeat. *wiggles in computer chair like Pooh in Anna's icon*

I woke up late (just in time for lunch) to find pizza on the table, Jenna's answered my question :) and Molly even dreamed up an insane scene with me in it. *rolling eyes* I've also been invited to a community of Filipina Dramione shippers. Yeah. 'Tis a good day, clouds notwithstanding.

Happy 2nd 'Monthsary', Dea and Allen!

I adore you two because unlike some of our friends who acquired significant others, you two didn't shut us out. If anything, you even included us in your affectionate insult fest. And I love it. Love you both!

Superb Dramione video: Far Away

'Tis a mark of my titanic writer's block that my posts here and in SPEW are less than worthy. Ugh.

And then again, just when I've finished updates for my WIP's... perfect timing of cyber glitches!

Good thing I have pastillas (milk candy) from Goldilocks (bakeshop)...

/munch and beatific smile