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Three's a charm

Three posts in one day. And then I'll be gone again anyway, humor me. *grins*

Last Sunday, November 30th:

July, moi, Sherly (holding the latest issue of Read inside that envelope, heh), Tonks and Eli. By this time, Camille, Allen and Dea, Xandy and Dave had already left. I'll ask for the other pics from Xandy. This is the best we got from my digicam before the batt went kaput.

Twilight the movie was nice. I think I got spoiled too much from collecting all the publicity videos and photos, though. Because while Tonks and the others were holding their breath, I was muttering nonstop while in the cinema.

One mutter that made Dea and Camille get a fit of the giggles: Ang tagal! (It's taking so long!) - during the kiss. Did you count just how many seconds passed before they snogged? They exchanged carbon dioxide for about thirty seconds first.

I enjoyed it. Though I scoffed at that Apple. Heh.

I'll have to wait for the DVD. Can't critique without subtitles. Oi. But overall, I pat Catherine Hardwicke on the back affectionately.

It's been a lovely, lovely Sunday. I got to wear my customized blouse, we got the best seats in the cinema and we got in with plenty of time to settle before the movie started, I never lost at UNO (did I, Tonks?), it only rained when Josh and I were already snug inside the van on the way home, and then the rain stopped exactly when we arrived at our chapel's driveway!

Should have known it was the First Sunday of Advent. I'm glad I didn't skip Mass!

Thank you, Lord.

I trust He'll fix the hiccup in the horizon, too. Mom said Dad's company is shutting down in April. World crisis indeedy.

I'm so ensconced in my own happy little world I'm more than a little shaken with these reality checks... I've been on PM with Pooja checking on her and her family and friends in India... and then my Dad possibly losing his job.

But... note to self, it's still a beautiful world, as it's said in Desiderata.

I'll strive to be happy. Even the galaxy says so.

The moon, Jupiter and Venus. Last night, December 1st:
Isn't that the cutest? Hee.

I'm on the top of the world looking down on creation and the only explanation I can find...

Friendship and a sputter-inducing news last Tuesday. Can't shout about the news here yet though. Still under wraps. I'm in Saran wrap, that is. LOL. Marinating. I hope I become good enough to officially be popped into the oven.

Ooh, oven talk. Nope, I'm not pregnant.

Saturday gave me that thrill again of meeting and befriending new people, a thrill I haven't had in quite some time-- three months. The last time was last July when I met Aljo and Joey.

From top row to bottom row, left to right:
Darlo, Eunice, Sarah, CJ, Zech, Erin, Irish
Tonks, Sonny, Medea, Ross
Carmela, Sherly, moi,
July, Aldrich, Ian

Potter Synidicate star bottle made by Tonks

Saturday had been different in that there were SEVENTEEN of us. We used up to six tables in Goldilocks, and generally attracted stares, wistful smiles and grins from the other people in the mall.

The Slytherins posing, with July as the reluctant 'angel'.

They were always joking and laughing and poking fun at each other. I couldn't hear the jokes, but I couldn't help giggling along. And everyone were so nice and warm. I also had two new beloveds: Medea (that sweet adorable girl in the center of the picture above, holding the Potter Syndicate star-bottle) and Carmela. Sarah, too. Wasn't able to take a photo with Medea because she went home before we really went berserk with my Kodak.

Of course, there was Sherly and there was Tonks, my precious brujas.


Other highlights of the day were: the pictorial, (in which we made the photographer's day and at the same time harrassed her to near catatonia), the raffles (in which I won a Getbackers poster-sticker, one of the pictorial's prints and I gave away a copy each of the Harry Potter Creative CD and a DVD of the first five movies, won by Ross and Zech respectively), an UNO game (in which Medea and Carmela nearly came to blows). We only played one round. The last two had to refresh the deck six times before Medea lost. And then the dare she picked was to unravel Tonks's braids. It was a challenging dare. Haha!

Oh, and it was my brother Josh's birthday. Unfortunately, the date of Potter Syndicate's End of Term feast couldn't be moved, so I had to compromise. Josh had a little party. I got him a Naruto keychain he likes very much, so much he doesn't want to use it in fear of losing it. Hee.
Love you, Josh.

Josh not being with me posed some worry to these friends, new and old. Tonks wanted to see me all the way home, but she, Carmela and Ian had an hour's worth of road before reaching home. They only left when Tonks thought I'd boarded the van. In truth, I'd only fetched my camera. So then, the boys stayed with me. Wouldn't have gone to dinner if I didn't shove them away. Hehe. Such concern was both sweet and also a little embarrassing. I wish I didn't give so much anxiety just by being away from home and without chaperone. Mom called Sherly-- on the phone Sherly had left home. /facepalm

And then the van took a different route. It stopped for gas. I thought that was it.

But it continued down the lane instead of turning back. The entire duration of the ride, I was always a second away from panicking and telling the driver to let me off. I'm glad I stayed quiet and trusted that I didn't ride the wrong shuttle. Of course not. I'm not stupid. I just watched the windows. In the end, we did reach my subdivision. Phew! If the driver was avant-garde in his route, kudos to him. I did notice less traffic.

Yesterday, my grandmother and uncle and cousin Carlo stopped by. Played UNO. I have a feeling we cousins will have a tournament come 29th, when our newest niece gets baptized. I'm godmother, by the way.

(Godchildren: 5
Jobs: 0
Cash: I always have 'cash'. In the dictionary)

Been a lovely weekend.
I was pinching Edward's...um, posterior-- and I didn't even realize. /dies laughing


Rolydee said Twilight's been rated R-16 here! Poor Jouie.

Twilight is A ROMANCE: A Light Treatise

Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle has been criticized as a Star Trek-politics rip-off. Stephen King’s Dark Tower series has been dubbed ‘sheer absurdity’, and of course we know how that Mallory woman fought fang and talon to have the Harry Potter books removed from libraries because of their devilry, and she’s snot (typo intended) alone in that mindset. I like to call this bandwagon allergy. While I respect every reader’s right to their little red wagon of opinion, it’s rather obvious when people are just being snobs.

Readers are far more intelligent than their couch potato counterparts, yes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t read for pleasure and delight. Twilight delivers both (At least, when the reader is receptive). And so it’s up there in the top ten of the NYT Bestsellers. How many times will it have to be said? A good story, not necessarily great writing do a bestseller make.

With the film's imminent release, we’ll want to have our fondness for Twilight defended in our minds, a defense ready to spout at a moment’s provocation (But do not go on a hissy fit or pick fights just because the cashier at the bookstore/cinema has a disdainful eyebrow lift. It may be a facial tick).

First off, Twilight is not really YA, methinks. Sure, it’s there in Reluctant Young Readers lists, teen picks, etc., but what it foremost is, is a romance. It’s a love story. Many, many critics—or dare I say all of them—miss or dismiss this fact. This is why it ‘reads like fan fiction’. Because Stephenie Meyer likes her romance and went all out, the way we do with our favorite characters in fanfic archives!

I blame the books’ beautiful covers. Should have depicted Edward and Bella instead and have done with it. LOL. The symbolisms hint of depths, which, though not necessarily deterring in their absence, are nonetheless absent. The point of the books is Bella getting to stay with Edward. No large-scale battles or ramifications or realizations. Just happily ever after, his and hers. There are no underlying messages. I didn't look for or see any. For underlying messages, I read Ursula K. Le Guin, Katherine Paterson, Toni Morrison, to name a few.

IMO, Meyer just wrote a romance. And there's nothing wrong with that.

I love this part of Cat Rambo's review:

"Okay. Lemme just start with the soul mate thing, because I hate this idea so much. Because what it does is give people the idea that there is this one true love thing that happens and everything is magically swell because you and your partner are twue woves. While in reality relationships are work. They take work and patience and humor and cooperation and a willingness on both sides to accept the various farts and burps and personal quirks the other has. And that willingness and hard work seems more meaningful than being insta-partnered with someone because they’re the metaphorical key to your figurative lock."

Now, *nodding and giggling* the only thing I can say to this is most other romance authors since the Regency era and even in the Regency romance genre are already too aware and very educative about this. The werewolves' imprinting and Bella and Edward's tenacity in their twue wove is actually refreshing. ^_^

Bella. As in most romances, the story is in our heroine’s POV. I haven’t read The Host yet, but I’ll go ahead and say that I think it’s unfair to judge Meyer according to the Twilight series which she wrote from the POV of an eighteen-year old lovestruck girl. A lovestruck girl, moreover, who’s lucky/unlucky enough to have fallen for a vampire endowed with all the trimmings of a fantastical predator: attractiveness, beauty, charm. Bella’s gushing is not only excusable but understandable.

Also, this ‘beautiful swan’ is not blind or self-derogatory. She came from a large city. She mustn’t have been noticed there at all, except when she was being clumsy. This would account for her fear of notoriety. Whereas in Forks, she was the ‘shiny new toy’. Boys noticed her. And if the Cullens weren’t there to eclipse anyone, she would have discovered she was attractive, given time. Except that in the romance genre, heroines are better when they’re modest creatures unaware of or oblivious to their beauty.

Next, Bella is not “weak”. Just tremendously in love. Ever wonder why there’s such a phrase as ‘stupid cupid’? We do stupid things when we’re in love, like approaching drunk men just to hear our beloved’s voice. Heh. And give her a break, it’s only been months since Edward left then. If I’d had an Edward, it will take me years to get over him.

Edward is Bella’s universe, nothing else, not even her personal growth, because the books are romance books. I could go deeper into this, but I’ll only sound phony because I never really thought about Meyer’s religion while reading the books. She MAY have integrated her religion’s beliefs, or she may not. Either way, is it really so hard to stomach a heroine focused on staying with her lover and keeping their family safe? These were the pressing issues anyway! She can grow as a commendable individual later when all is happy and quiet, in her eternity as a vampire.

Again, typified love story. Boy meets girl, conflict, they become a couple, conflict, couple, conflict, couple, conflict, HEA (happily-ever-after).

Character isn’t really delved into in romances. Unless the hero or heroine is tormented/tortured by their past, you will have to go to plays to get your dose of character development. The focus is on the relationship. Edward is, to some extent haunted by his past and what he is, and he constantly comes to terms with it again and again with Bella’s help. Bella is supposed to be this middle-aged teenager, and we do see that in her independency. She only became clingy after she met Edward, and in romances, this IS only right. It’s even in submission guidelines, that the hero’s entrance into the heroine’s life unsettles her a little/a lot. There has to be that sense of the earth tilting or the carpet being yanked from underfoot.

And just who wouldn’t be clingy with Edward, right?

Now, if Bella’s flaw is her clumsiness and obsession with Edward, then Edward’s flaw is his obsession with Bella’s safety and well-being.

Bella’s biased POV aside (and that is what renders Edward and Bella Gary Stu/Mary Sue-ish, their perfection in each other’s perspectives. And that is just so sweet), picture this: a vampire who has been alone for nigh a century discovering the love of his life, and she’s a fragile, mouthwatering human. He restrains himself from harming her. By heaven and hell, nothing and no one else is allowed to do so!

Edward could have been a bad-ass, badmouthing vampire, but this devotion to Bella would have been enough to rocket the books to popularity. That’s another element of the romance genre. Whatever type the hero is, he must be devoted to the heroine. And it must show.

On one hand, you have the old-fashioned gentleman in Edward. On the other, you have the roguish, irreverent Jacob.

Devotion times two. And not just any two, but the two most favorite types of heroes in the romance genre.

And Bella complements them both. She tries to rape Edward, and punches Jacob when he kissed her. When either of them brood, she doesn’t take it.

As a romance, the books are a success. Dashing hero (es), check. Devotion, check. Conflict, inward and outward, check. HEA, check. But while typified and following a classic—if rudimentary— pattern, there’s the unique and fresh vampire mythos that will keep Bella and Edward’s love story beating. There are better books, yep, but any romance aficionada will be satisfied with Twilight.

Meyer even managed to throw a baby in. Haha! And as for the grossness of Carlie’s birth, Twilight is a romance, but it’s a dark, fantasy romance, so the blood and the bizarre was expected.

I can’t defend ‘Renesmee’, though.

Or the movie posters they made after this one.


As for the Bella thinking she will have a little Edward Jacob, that's just Bella being Bella, in love with the thought of having a miniature Edward. Still, I'll be very careful when writing my own books. Gee.

~Written in response to too many reviews I've seen, but in particular, Cat Rambo’s wonderful Why the Twilight Series Bugs Me in Fantasy Magazine. Resource of romance genre technicalities: reading experience and Anne M. Marble’s articles in Writing-World.com.

My first Twilight fan fiction

And the first sample of my writing I've posted here, too! Eh.

Blue Roses
By lucillajoanna

Warnings: None. Those of my f-list who will be remotely interested in this are of course not lounging in Mars still unaware of the contents of New Moon and Eclipse Special Edition. This fan fic is completely devoid of Breaking Dawn spoilers. I’m not even integrating the quotes. This is just me grabbing this chance to write froufrou. That is the warning then. Mostly froufrou ahead.
Pairing: Edward and Bella

“It was my Anne of Green Gables vision all over again.” – Eclipse
“With the blue sky over us, and the sunshine around us.” – Anne’s House of Dreams

The honor of your presence
is requested
at the wedding of
Isabella Marie Swan
Edward Anthony Masen Cullen

Collapse )

Talk about going off on a tangled tangent: hair, teeth, and then fandom and 'shipping musings

Either I'm learning to comb and brush it right, or my hair is not as bushy as before.

Being round-faced with thick hair, I could only have one ideal hairstyle: never voluminous on the sides and never flat at the crown and temples.

From the moment I lost baby-ness, around age twelve, my hair has been layered very short, never going past my nape. The cut reminds me of the bouffant of Anne Shirley's and Edward Cullen's era. And it's rather matronly. I grew tired of it and grew my hair out. High maintenance. Trimming needed every four weeks. When it's high time for another layering, I avoid turning sideways at mirrors. My hair billows at the back like something's living in it.

Now it doesn't any longer. It's flat on the back now. Fly-away, because the shortest layer is already at the bend of my nape, but quite docile and non-Einstein-ish. The curves of the layers that should have been giving fullness to my temples but are now at my ears, I just comb back. I've been due at the neighborhood hairdresser two months ago. I've had no need to go.

Well, I haven't gone out either. Nothing major, just Sherly and family (which is one and the same thing, hehe, love you, She).

It doesn't make sense anyway that I have hair like I do. My dad's is curly, even kinky, and my mom's is straight and wispy, the kind that needs curling or blow-drying to be volumized. Unless, like mine, Mom's hair also gave up being a pain at age twenty-one.

I don't know about Dad. None of us inherited his hair and except to brag about being MVP in the basketball varsity and his exploits of exhorting money from neighbors who watched tv from my lola's balcony (in those old days when tv owners were few), he doesn't answer questions pertaining to his younger days.

Because I always end up asking when he first lost a tooth.

He's equipped with two jaws of false teeth already. He's only fifty.

I have never had so much as a toothache. Maybe my feasting on gristle has something to do with it. I like crunching those white bones especially when people will hear. My habitus disgustica.

But speaking of hair, I posted something about it on lion_lamb (♥). Bella and Hermione both have brown hair. And brown eyes. That's what started it, and it went on and on like a butterfly kiss gone bad--good.

I don't know how many of you on my f-list are members/watchers of lion_lamb aside from my dear twinses and Preethi (and of course, Cynthia, new friend, mod! ^_^). Mind boggling. 100 comments in only a little over 24 hours. I've never had so much attention on something I posted, either on forums or at the MNFF archive.

But I'm being vain. It's Bella and Hermione and Hermione's ships that's to thank for the many replies. *giggles* *can't stop*

I've pretty much stuck to Mugglenet and its strictly moderated Fan Fiction Beta Boards since my very first HP fangirl day, so it's only now that the ship wars struck me.

That people are so passionate about their ship that they are close-minded and derogatory of the rival ship has been a 'whoa!' moment last night.

I've never felt that way myself. Probably because I've read not just the books and the canon-devotee fics, but also good ones that sailed non-canon pairings.

Non-canon pairings I fancied, that is. But what's the bet that I'll be converted if I read-- e.g., SS/HG fics, too?

Yes, the reason I'm not a SS/HG shipper is because I haven't read SS/HG stories. That's the only way you can remain close-minded to a ship, methinks.

See, that people are so passionate about their ship that they can use the subtlest and most infinitesimal stuff in canon as masts is proven and amazing. Annoyingly commendable. Gods. Creativity at its most devious. And when they convincingly create their own canon, it's double the 'flabbergastment' *says me, being weaned into an older generation/younger generation pairing*

Canon aside, book characters are people.

And as in the real world's people, attraction between any man and woman, whatever age, belief or background, is rarely impossible. Just toss them repeatedly together. Like two flints, sparks will fly.

The 'that can't happen' is only on your mind, Watson.


Happy birthday, Delaney!

Happy birthday, Emerita!

Belated online greeting, brother bear! (Like you read this) :P

Pooh, pooh, pooh!

This week's highlights:

~Mandarin blouse caught Mr Sacristan's attention. Or maybe it was my Divine Mercy cardboard fan.
~MTV's Twilight Tuesday. "I had an adrenaline rush. They're fairly common. Google it."
~Twilight fan fics. I thought I could do without them. Really, I did. Like I thought I could do without an up-to-date mobile phone. They add spice and beauty to living. Hmm hmm.
~"The three degrees of abtstraction and the causal analysis of human cognition."
I'm not studying philosophy, Sherly does. I only helped her research. Isn't that a mouthful? No wonder doctors are almost always pompous. I miss Sophie's World now.
~Knowing Dad's homecoming date: July 11th.
~The announcement about the 3rd Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards. And there's Short Film cat now. It's getting more and more prestigious, more and more out of reach... I just want to place so I can meet and greet and pose with Neil Gaiman >.>
~Not so empty-handed anymore for Haunted Legends open call. See song, which is among my faves:

Lyrics | 25 Minutes Too Late lyrics


~Ate three apples, three siopao's last night. Still suffering.
~People aware of being bitches, but not of being bores. Hehe. Not suffering at all. Dismissal as usual.
~Body clock still dysfunctional. Went to sleep at 8:50 this morning and woke up at 4 pm in time for Avatar. Tsk. And Dad's coming home in July. I'll be busted if I don't fix le body clock. *adds Dad coming home to highlights*

~ * ~

Spent the night gathering quotes on writing and writers from Encarta. Laughed a lot. Was confused a lot. Was scared a lot. This is why one must never ask for advice.

Like sound health...

Yay, here are the rest of our picnic pics. I do love these people and photos even though my face, arms and legs' skintones decided to be unique from each other. What sunblock? And my eyebrows are out of whack as usual.

Collapse )

And here's the Breaking Dawn cover, Gale. Got it from Anna.

The 'about AAARGH' entry suddenly feels like so long ago now. Hee. Can I even be more mercurial?

What is so addicting about the Twilight series is Meyer doesn't hold herself back from the lovey-dovey stuff. It is romance that got me into HP fan fiction. There are so few fantasy books that have enough romance to satisfy me. They focus on the fantasy and adventure, of course. So I make the romance for myself and for others like me. Along came Twilight... Funny, I don't have any inclinations at all to write or look up Twilight fan fiction. Meyer satisfies. *sigh*